Buffalo Ridge Elementary is committed to making sure our school remains one of the best in the state for educating the children in our community. By providing our teachers with enhanced curriculums and additional classroom resources, we are making sure the children who attend BRE are given the best opportunities for primary childhood education.

Buffalo Ridge Education Alliance plays a significant role in making sure this happens.  We rely completely on the generosity of the parents and surrounding members in our community. The funds raised at the Back to Prom gala will continue to help make enhancements to our learning commons, as well as fund specific teacher requests.  The list to the left provides some specific examples of what those requests are. 

Why Are We Raising Money?

  • Music Room Risers
  • New Projectors
  • Online Materials
  • Online Education Subscriptions
  • Coding Robots
  • Virtual Reality Glasses
  • Flexible Seating for Classrooms
  • Wonders (Reading Curriculum)
  • Achieve3000 (Reading/Writing Curriculum)
  • Writing Programs
  • 3D Printer
  • Coding Kits for Makerspace
  • Storyline Training
  • Resources for Advanced Learners
  • TPT Fund for Enrichment Materials
  • Funds for Purchases of Educational Apps
  • Programming Materials for MTSS/SPED

What Our Teachers Are Requesting